Pole Camp with the entire Squad: A New Strategy for Fortnite Players.

Pole Camp with the entire Squad: A New Strategy for Fortnite Players.

Pole Camp with the entire Squad: A New Strategy for Fortnite Players.

With the ever-growing Fortnite title, players always come up with new tricks and tactics in order to make their gameplay more fun and exciting.Pole Camp with the entire Squad


Gamers and streamers all across the globe are on a constant lookout for fresh in-game strategies so as to create a better streaming system and experience. There is a new and innovative strategic plan brought into action by TurntTrappin with the help of which players can use telephone poles to camp.visit here for mcafee:mcafee.com/activate


In accordance with this new strategy, Mikerosoft99x a teammate of u/Too/TurntTrappin has executed this strategy with various edits. At the same time, it accurately depicts the plan in action.


You will be required to head over to the South of Pleasant Parks if you are eager and prepared to try this strategy for yourself. Here, you can locate a bunch of telephone poles near the gas station.


As you reach near these Poles around Pleasant Parks, you will be required to reach on the top of the pole. You can directly land on the poles, but it would be of less use as you are also required to attain a few weapons.


Therefore it is better suited to loot resources and weapons first followed by you heading with your squad to camp on the top of the telephone poles alongside the gas station.


You will be required to build a ram structure to reach on to the top of the pole. While you are trying to get on the top of the pole, Coordinate with your squadmates to keep an eye around the area.


Since various other pro players keep a constant and keen eye on the structures around them and since your ramp could clearly indicate your location, be aware that the entire motive of camping on the poles is not dissolved.


Now as your squad acquires their poles, clear the ramps that you build, by shooting at them. Clearing your footprints makes it easier to ensure that enemies are unable to spot you at a glance.


Next, camouflage yourself by using the sledgehammer and like this, you can look for any suspects around and eliminate them. Although it becomes easier to hide on the poles with the new skins for the sledgehammer, you can also use a sniper rifle to avail a greater range.mcafee.com/activate


Although using the sniper increases your chances to spot enemies within greater range, at the same time it also provides enemies with greater success in detecting you.


However, your major advantage is that you can coordinate with your squad and use different weapons. You can split responsibilities and assign one individual with a sniper.


This new pole champing strategy is known by multiple pro players and is becoming quite popular among various Reddit posts. So before executing this strategy look out for any other players already trying to do the same. If you don’t spot any squads alongside the telephone poles, then you can initiate this strategy for your own advantage in the game. It is quite a unique means to achieve an upper hand in the gameplay by stumbling your enemy out of the blue.

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