You are currently viewing Monitor protection status of your Computer with McAfee security scan plus

Monitor protection status of your Computer with McAfee security scan plus

Monitor protection status of your Computer with McAfee security scan plus

Under the McAfee’s Security Scan Plus report or the Protection Status Bar, there are some types of status regarding your devices, these are:

  • Your PC is at risk
  • Scan your PC
  • Issues Found
  • No Issues Found
  • McAfee is protecting your PC

These types of status give you the overall description of the health and security of your computer, based on the type of the status your security scan reports.

Various actions can be performed depending upon these status types.

All of these status types are discussed below:

  • Your PC is at risk:

It means that your computer is at risk might be the case that the firewall or the virus has been found or the firewall went out of date or may be turned off. This status type could be also because of the viruses, spyware or other potential threats that might have been infected your PC. All you have to do is to scan it, get it updated if it asks you to, and if needed you can renew it in the My Account section of your McAfee software which will redirect you to the website, wherein you can get the new one. activate McAfee here

  • Scan Your PC:

If in case the McAfee Antivirus program finds any kind of problem like a virus, or regarding the firewall or maybe the web protection software, this status could come up on your screen. All you have to do is to click on Scan, in the protection status bar and get your computer fully scanned, to get to know where the threat is or which files are conflicting the algorithm of your McAfee Antivirus Software program.

  • Issues Found:

Your computer could potentially be at risk. Either because you don’t have the web protection installed on your device or you may have visited any kind of infected or dangerous website. McAfee Security Scan Plus also checks the browsing history of the browsers that you use or have installed on your computer such as, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. All you have to do is to click on a fix in the status bar and it will scan and fix it automatically, then simply you can quarantine in the results

  • No Issues Found:

You might be having the antivirus running in your computer and have the firewall protection installed on your computer device but none of them are from McAfee. In this case, you can visit the official website of McAfee to check what are the other products that can protect you.

  • McAfee is protecting your PC:

Your computer is protected, which means all of the data and the information on this computer is safe from the outer threats such as threats from getting infected by viruses. It means that all of the services from McAfee such as the firewall and web protection software are installed, present and running properly in your computer and are up to date as well. All you have to do is to Allow the McAfee Security Scan to keep on checking, protecting and monitoring your device’s protection status.activate mcafee

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